How To Make A Pocket Folding Fan

  • by Jacob Smith
  • Mar 21,2016

This pocket foldingĀ fan is so easy to make and folds up perfectly to store in a pocket on a hot day. It is such a unique and fun craft idea for kids! They can decorate the front with simple artwork then secure with popsicle sticks & a rubber band! This post contains affiliate links.

The girls and I had fun making these little fans for summer. They are quick to make and can be customized a thousand ways by adding drawings and designs on the front!

DIY Pocket Folding Fan

Decorate your paper first or use solid colors. It’s up to you! I will show you how we make paper fans using plain copy paper. It works great!

Supplies for pocket folding fan:

(3) 5×8″ pieces of copy paper

2 popsicle sticks

1 tiny hair band

Steps for making a pocket folding fan:

  • Score each paper on the 1/2″ mark. You can fold it without scoring, but scoring will help children get even folds all the way across.
  • Accordion fold each piece of paper. Then fold each paper in half.
  • Using a glue stick or hot glue, adhere each fan piece together until you have one seam left.
  • Glue a popsicle stick to each side.

Close with a mini hair band and it is ready to travel with you!

Use the mini hair band to keep closed when your fan is open.

What a fun way to display all of those cute drawings that kids make! These pocket folding fans would be a fun summer camp craft, birthday party activity or activity for a classroom party!

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