Abstract Giraffe Painting Idea For Kids

  • by Jennifer Rodriguez
  • Oct 05,2019

Bring the colour and fun with this easy abstract giraffe painting idea for kids.

Abstract art, in its purest form, does not represent images of our everyday world. It has no subject, but still conveys emotion.

Our bright and colourful giraffe art project, is partly abstract and partly representational. Playing with recognisable objects, such as our giraffe, is a great introduction into abstract art and gives children the opportunity to experiment.

Before delving into painting, ask your Arty Crafty Kids to give their giraffe (or any other chosen animal from the members area) a personality and describe how it might be feeling or react to a particular situation.

Next, ask the children to think about colours. What colours might they use to create their giraffes and how do they portray their emotions?

Choosing a process:

Watercolour techniques to try with the kids!

Watercolour paint is a super fun and versatile medium for kids. They’re easy to use, great for children of all ages and can be applied in lots of fun and experimental ways.

Watercolour Wet on Wet Application

The easiest and most common watercolor technique for kids to try!

Start by brushing a thin layer of water across the canvas Next, load the watercolour paint and brush on to the wet paper. Add a second (or however many you like) colour to the paper and watch the paint blend. As the colours mix, they will create stunning watery patterns (akin to a marbling effect) as the colours meet.

For this technique, use liquid watercolours or tubed watercolours mixed with water.

Watercolour Salt Painting

Use one of our animal templates and add a layer PVA glue from a squeezy bottle along the outline.

Cover the glue with salt and remove the excess.

Next, dip the paintbrush into some watercolour paint and dab it directly onto the salt. The paint will quickly spread across the salt. Dab lots of different colours across the salty lines and watch the colours mix.

Watercolour Resist Painting

Watercolor resist can be explored with black ( or white)glue, melted crayon, tape,yarn, oil pastel and wax crayon.

Our chosen resist medium for ‘abstract giraffe painting idea for kids’ is the wax crayon.

Easy Giraffe Painting Idea for Kids: Materials

  • White Card Stock or Mixed Media Paper
    Black Card Stock
  • Watercolour Paints – Liquid Watercolour/ Tubed Watercolours/ Pallette or experiment with watercolour pencils!
  • White and Black Crayons
  • Scissors

Download the Giraffe Template

Members can download the template here:

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Easy Giraffe Painting Idea for Kids: Step by Step Tutorial

Printing the Giraffe Template

Set ‘Fit to Page‘ before printing.

Print the template directly onto white card stock or mixed media paper.

Remember to refer to your printer settings for a suggested weight. Most printers will print on to card weighing less than 220gsm.

Creating a ‘Resist’

Step 1: Trace the outline of the giraffe with a black crayon. The lines do not need to be perfect, in fact, imperfect lines will add to the overall effect.

Let’s Add Some Invisible Lines!

Step 2: Using a white crayon, fill the template with squiggly lines, extra spots and for emphasis, draw around the facial features.

Applying the Watercolour Paint

Step 1: Start with the lightest colour first and sweep the brush within the animal shape, moving across the waxy lines.

Since the paint is water based, the wax will repel the paint to leave the waxy lines in tact.

Step 2: Add a second colour.

The first and second colours with begin to merge, creating new shades and wonderful swirls, akin to a type of marbled effect.

Step 3: Continue filling the giraffe with colour.

Step 4: Once the body is complete, add a stroke of paint around the outline of the giraffe.

Leave the giraffe to thoroughly dry.

The ‘Easy Abstract Giraffe Painting Idea for Kids’ is Almost Complete!

Finish the ‘easy abstract giraffe painting idea for kids’ by cutting out the head and sticking it to a piece of A4 black card stock.

The rainbow giraffe will now POP from the page!

More Watercolour Resist Painting for Kids

This simple art idea for kids can applied to many of our templates found within the Arty Crafty Kids members area, giving children the option to create an arty zoo of colourful abstract animals.

To see other examples of this process in action, take a look at our ‘Ocean Animal Art’.

Happy Crafting!

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