15 Spooktacular Halloween Crafts For Kids

  • by Daniel Taylor
  • Oct 05,2019

Some of the best activities for kids to do are crafts. Not only are they entertained while making something, but they get to keep the finished result and show it off to all their friends and family. It helps develop fine motor skills, enhances their imagination, and, of course, lets them have some fun. With Halloween fast approaching, there are lots of spooktacular crafts for your kiddos to make. They’ll love making all the monsters, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, skeletons and so much more! Here are 12 great Halloween crafts for your kids to make this year.

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1. Puffy Ghosts

These ghosts are not only really easy for a child to make, but they look really cool, too, because they’re three dimensional. They would also be inexpensive to make since cotton balls are cheap and come in such large quantities. Once they’re done gluing on all the cotton balls, you could hang these on walls, from the ceiling, or put them on the refrigerator so your child can show them off.

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2. Witch Halloween Countdown

There’s something about counting down to a special day or even that kids love. Your kids would love having this paper chain countdown to Halloween. This is so clever. I’ve always seen them for Christmas, but never for Halloween. This witch themed one is adorable and so perfect for the holiday. They’ll be so excited to make this so that every day they can cut off one link and get closer and closer to the big day.

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3. Handprint Spiders

If you need an incredibly easy craft for a younger child, these handprint spiders are perfect. All you have to do is trace your child’s hand, cut them out, then glue them onto a black circle. Of course you can have your child help you with the cutting and gluing, and they’ll probably love putting the finishing touch of the spider’s eyes on. It doesn’t get much easier that this when it comes to crafts.

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4. Paper Plate Ghost

Paper plates make awesome craft supplies. You can do so many things with them and this ghost is a great one for Halloween. This craft is very easy to make and you can use things you already have in your home: paper plates, toilet paper, and construction paper. It’s perfect for those days when you need something to keep your child entertained, but don’t have much time to plan or prepare anything. Not to mention that it won’t cost you anything extra since you’re using supplies you already have in your home.

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5. Q-Tip Skeleton

I think this Q-Tip skeleton is so cute and clever. It really does look just like a skeleton! This is another really easy craft using all the supplies you probably already have in your home. All you really need is some Q-Tips, glue, paper, and markers and you’re set to go! You’ll probably have to help your child with the placement of the Q-Tips, but they’ll still enjoy making a funny looking skeleton for your Halloween decor.

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6. Candy Corn Paper

If you’ve got some extra paper laying around that’s Halloween colored, have your child help you tear the paper up, then have them glue the pieces onto some candy corn shapes. For some reason kids love tearing things up, so they’ll have a blast helping tear the paper. Your child could make a few of these candy corn papers, then you could string them together to make a fun garland!

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7. Spooky Toilet Paper Rolls

You know those cardboard toilet paper rolls that are wasted after the whole roll is used? Start saving those bad boys up and use them for this adorable Halloween craft. Your child can make all four of these or just one. Either way they’re easy to make with paper, markers, and some googly eyes. They could spend hours coming up with new monsters to make out of the rolls which will keep them entertained and having fun.

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8. Sugar Skull Masks

Teach your kids about the Day of the Dead and do a fun craft, too! These colorful masks are made from paper plates and straws, with lots of creative doodles. These are the lease scary masks ever!

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9. Marshmallow Mummy

You know those crusty, stale, marshmallows you have sitting in your pantry that you don’t want to go to waste? Put them to good use and let your child make this adorable marshmallow mummy face. This is such a simple craft. All you need is paper, markers, marshmallows, and googly eyes. You probably already have all of those at home, except for maybe the eyes. You can even draw those out if you really need to. Your child will love using food to craft with and may even sneak a few marshmallows in the making.

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10. Footprint Ghosts

Kids love putting their fingers in paint, but why not let them put their feet in paint as well? It’ll allow them to make these adorable little ghosts. They’ll love squishing their tiny feet in the paint, then stomping on the paper to make their footprint. Once the paint is dry, let them draw faces on the ghosts and you’re all done! Simple as that.

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11. Masking Tape Mummy

I don’t know about your children, but my son loves playing with tape. He could play with it for hours if I let him, which is why I can’t wait to try this masking tape mummy craft. My son and your kiddos will love putting pieces of tape down over and over again on the mummy shape to create the wrapped mummy look. It’s a perfectly simple, yet very entertaining craft for kids.

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12. Paper Plate Pumpkins

Once again, a paper plate is being used for a craft! I told you those things are awesome for crafting. Next time you’re at the store, pick up some orange colored ones, then have your kiddo cut out lots of different shapes for eyes, noses, and mouths. They can spend hours making new faces on the pumpkin and will love all the creativity and flexibility of their options.

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13. Pinecone Spiders

This is probably the only kind of spider a mom would let in the house! This somehow cute, pinecone spider is such a simple craft––add brown pipe cleaner legs and tons of googly eyes and that’s it! So fun, and so easy.

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14. Hanging Bats

Well these bats aren’t scary at all! The cute nocturnal creatures are made from construction paper, toilet paper rolls and google eyes. A fun afternoon craft that doesn’t take too long, but is a great way for the kids to help with your spooky decorations!

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15. Pencil Eraser Ghosts

These ghosts are so cute! Your kiddos will love using purple and black paint with an eraser to create these fun craft. All you need to do is tape down a ghost template, then have the kiddos stamp all along the edges. Remove the template and voila! Instant ghost.

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