Black Glue Jellyfish Art

  • by Thomas Williams
  • Sep 21,2019

Resist art is an amazing process for kids to try and having experimented with oil pastels, hot glue and crayons, I can tell you with absolute certainty that black glue rocks!  Just take a good look at our Black Glue Jellyfish Art – isn’t it cool? I love how the colours are emphasised by the stark contrast of the black outline. They virtually pop out from the page and bring the jellyfish to life.

And here’s the best bit, you don’t need to suddenly drop what you’re doing and rush out to the shop to buy black glue.

You can make it home!

It’s simply a combination of PVA glue and black acrylic paint.

Easy peasy right?

Black Glue Jellyfish Art

PVA Glue
Black Acrylic Paint
Mixed Media Paper
Our Free Template!
Before we get arty, download our free template and mix the Black Glue.

Jelly Fish

Free – Add Checkout

Our black glue is a combination 3 parts PVA glue and 1 part black acrylic paint.

Too much paint could make the mixture a little runny, so start off small and don’t worry if it appears grey within the bottle as the glue will dry black!

Once you’ve mixed the black glue, print our template onto some mixed media paper and simply follow the outline of the jellyfish.

Don’t worry if the black glue pools or you end up with uneven lines and splodges, it all adds to the overall affect.

As you can see, ours is less than perfect (and full of charm).

Leave the black glue to dry over night.

Next, add the watercolour paint.

Start by adding a light wash of water around the outline of the jellyfish.

Dampen the paintbrush, mix it with blue and spread it across the watered parts. Varying the application of blue paint will add light and dark tones – perfect for an under the sea appearance.

Once the watery background is complete, add colour to the jellyfish without watering down the paper first.

You should be left some bright and colourful black glue jellyfish art!

Today’s post forms part of the Black Glue Crew Blog Hop (crazy name right?) and it’s all about exploring black glue resist art with an under the sea twist – make sure you check out the incredible designs at the bottom of this post, they’re NOT to be missed!

To see how we’ve used crayons/oil pastels and a hot glue gun in resist art, take a look at our Spider Web and Heart Art.

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