Polar Bear Winter Art

  • by Michael Smith
  • Sep 09,2018

This printable polar bear winter art project offers the perfect fine motor workout for both little and big hands, with lots of cutting and sticking involved to create a gorgeous Winter backdrop for their polar bear silhouette. 

Polar Bear Winter Art: Materials 

Tissue Paper 
White Card Stock 
PVA Glue

Polar Bear Printable – Available to download within the Arty Crafty Kids Club! 


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Polar Bear Winter Art: Tutorial 

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Step 1: 

Visit the Arty Crafty Kids Club and download the polar bear template. 


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Step 2: 

Select a variety of Wintery tissue paper shades and cut the pieces into squares, triangles or random shapes. 

QUESTION: What colours do your Arty Crafty Kids associate with Winter and why? 

Simple questions encourage Arty Crafty Kids to think about the creative process and the choices they make; while using descriptive language to articulate their point. This all contributes to the developing their creativity. 

Step 3: 

Spread a layer of PVA over the white card stock and simply layer the tissue paper on top. 

The tissue paper can be added in coloured layers from light to dark, blocks or random formations. It’s entirely up to your Arty Crafty Kids. 

Step 4: 

Continue layering the tissue paper until the surface is covered. 

Throughout the process, add additional layers of PVA glue to the tissue paper to secure loose edges. 

Step 5: 

Cut out the Polar Bear Silhouette. 

I have designed the polar bear with small and big hands in mind. Younger children can navigate the lines of the large shape but may find it easier to simply cut off the furry tufts. Older children with well developed fine motor skills will enjoy the extra challenge and detail. 

Step 6: 

Glue the polar bear silhouette to the tissue paper background. 

Step 7: Optional

We love splatter painting and here we’ve used white splats to add emphasis to the polar bear’s outline, as well as create the impression of falling snow. 

Splat painting doesn’t have to be messy! 

Simply keep the paint brush low and stroke a glue stick, popsicle stick or even a blunt knife against the bristles of the brush. This will allow Arty Crafty Kids to control their splats and paint with purpose. 

Arty Crafty Kids Club! 

Perfect for educators and parents! 

A choice of hundreds of printable templates to download and enjoy with your Arty Crafty Kids!


I hope your Arty Crafty Kids enjoy creating they Polar Bear Winter Art! 

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