Rainbow Q Tip Art Printable

  • by Sophia Lee
  • Oct 09,2018

Have you done q-tip painting with your preschooler? This Rainbow Q-tip Art printable is a perfect preschool activity to get those little ones working on their fine motor skills and pincer grip. You can find more color and shapes activities for preschoolers here. Don’t forget to check out all my favorite color themed activities from some of my favorite blogs at the bottom of the post!

Rainbow Q-tip Art Printable

Materials Required:

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  • The worksheets (Found at the bottom of this post.)
  • Paint …. you could also use watercolor paint instead.
  • Q-tips cotton swabs
  • These books tie in perfectly with this activity. They are optional but a wonderful addition to your book collection: Eric Carle’s What’s Your Favorite Color book and  My Color Is Rainbow by Agnes Hsu and Yuliya Gwilym

Q-tip Painting Activity for preschoolers

This is how I set the activity up for my 3 year old. After reading both of the books I listed above I had her name each of the colors on the art tray and then we discussed how these colors form a part of the rainbow.

I asked her what her favorite color is. She loves ORANGE. She also likes pink and blue and purple and ALL the colors. Or so she says….

I told her that my favorite color is blue… and she pointed to the correct color.

When she was ready to begin painting this is how I presented the activity to her (my preschooler).

I then sat next to her and had her do the activity with minimal interference from me. I did remind her about dotting into the circles…

She was singing and laughing each time she tapped a color into the circle.

I wanted to give you a close up picture here so you could really see how q-tip painting sheets and activities work on those fine motor skills and pincer grip.


When she was done we let it dry.

Download or print this activity here



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